A Content Node contains all content related to a resource such as a News Article.

Content Nodes are not directly accessible through the API.

Associations (Layout Structure)

A Content Node has many Layout Containers. A ContentNode can be placed on a Page of any kind, such as a Team Instance or an Event.

Layout Containers

A Layout Container contains a block of content within a resource such as a News Article. Layout Containers may have between one and three Layout Columns.

Layout Column

A Layout Column organizes content within a Layout Container vertically into columns. Layout Columns contain Page Elements such as the TextBlock or Photo Elements.



The width of the Layout Column is determined by the layout_type field of the Layout Container, and the Layout Column's position within the Layout Container. For example, a Layout Column with position = 3 in a Layout Container with layout_type = 'threeColumn255025' will have a width equal to 25% of the layout. Note that this layout_type would be parsed as 25%, 50%, 25%, so position three in this set would be 25%.