The Show method returns a single Page Elements for a given id.



idIntegerUnique id assign by NGIN
page_element_typeStringDescribes type of element
element_idIntegerid of element
layout_column_idIntegerID of LayoutColumn
after_peIntegerPage element id this element will be displayed after vertically.
element_lockedBooleanDefaults to false. If true, page element cannot be moved or deleted
content_lockedBooleanDefaults to false. If true, content cannot be changed.
dependent_typeIntegerNot valid for NewsArticles. Should be set to NULL
mirror_enabledBooleanDefaults to false. If true, page element can be mirrored.
custom_css_classStringMax length 255. Applies extra css classes to this page element.
created_onDatetimeread only
updated_onDatetimeread only