Allows the user to upload a single photo for placement on a Sitebuilder page.



page_element[element][uploaded_data] points to the location of the files on your local drive. The value defaults to the current directory.


idIntegerUnique id assigned by NGIN
cutlineStringMax length 255. Caption for photo
urlStringMax length 255. Required if has _url is valued
protocolStringValues are "http://", "https://", "mailto:". Required if has_url is valued.
uploaded_dataFileImage file
has_urlIntegerValues 1-5, corresponding to link "target" attribute. 1 = link opens in same window, 2 = link to full sized image in same window, 3 = link to full sized image in new window, 4 = relative url, 5 = link to new window
show_originalBooleanIf set, the image will not be optimized or resized, which may lead to slower page load times.
thumbnailsHashA hash of the thumbnail urls. Keys: small, medium, and large